The Reading Tree PHONICS Programme

                * Suitable for 4 years old and up                                                
                ​* Synthetic Phonics Approach
​​                * 4 stages, 6 lessons per stage                                                    
                * Tried & Tested method used internationally
                ​* 2 lessons per week, can complete in 3 months                
                * Caring & experienced teachers

The Reading Tree equips your child with the necessary skills to become confident readers. We aim to connect your child a wider world and fill it with wonder. Reading fuels the fires of intelligence and imagination and through our programme, a strong foundation for language is developed.



Kelly Lim is the Founder, Chief Executive & Learning Officer  of The Reading Tree. 

Kelly, was the founding headmaster of the third campus in a Singapore International school in Thailand before she moved back home in Singapore as a Professional Development Specialist. Prior to her stint in Thailand where she stayed for 8 years, she has completed her Masters of Art in Mathematics Education in The Institute of Education,  London, the most prestigious school of education in Europe.  She first started her career in Thailand as the Head of Department for Mathematics and Science, Vice-Principal and then the headmaster. Over the years, she has helped built the school from one campus with 200 students to currently 3 campuses in Thailand with over a thousand students.
Before her overseas career, she was a Singapore primary school teacher who has more than 8 years of teaching experience especially in the upper Primary and graduating classes. After obtaining a degree in mathematics from the National University of Singapore (B. Sc.), she joined the National Institute of Education in Singapore (PGDE) and began her career as a primary school teacher.

Kelly has vast experience in curriculum planning and development, both in the kindergarten and primary level. She is instrumental in developing the curriculum in her previous school and has led the school in attaining internationally recognised accreditation including WASC and CIS. She is also actively involved in teacher trainings and has conducted numerous workshops in Malaysia, The Philippines, Thailand, India and even Latin America.


Elaine Soh is the Co-founder, Chief Operation Officer and Assistant Curriculum Director of The Reading Tree.

A mother of two, Elaine spent most of her life revolving around her two children and her career as an accountant for various companies in Singapore and China. Her success in raising them to be top students in the ‘branded’ schools in Singapore brought about the conception of the Reading Tree. She has been coaching and tutoring students for years and enjoys the experiences tremendously.

Elaine holds a Bachelor Degree in Commerce from University of Otago, New Zealand. She is a caring and passionate accountant-turned - educator  who has a special affinity with children. Under her tutelage,  her students blossomed beautifully and improved by leaps and bounds academically.


June Lai is the Co-founder, Chief Financial Officer and Assistant Curriculum Director of The Reading Tree. 

June has a keen eye for detail and is in-charge of all finance operations and marketing directions in this company. 

June has been in the financial sector, working for various multinational companies after graduating from The National University of Singapore.
We at The Reading Tree believe that reading is not just fundamental, it is transformative

** A Child Who Reads, Succeeds. **


Tried & Tested method


Small classes


Excellence teachers


Complete in 3 months

Small classes sizes and excellent teachers allow us to meet the needs of each individual child in our programme.

At The Reading Tree, part of our programme includes (Synthetic) Phonics classes. Learning phonics will give your child a basic and strong foundation in their reading journey and at the completion of each stage, an assesment of your child's progress will be given.


Phonics 是英文字母拼读法,也称为自然拼音法,是字母与发音之间的对应规则(letter-sound-correspondence)。它的基本原理就是教学生英语拼写和读音关系的基本规律,让学生可以看到一个英语单词,就能读出来;或者想到一个单词,就能按照规律拼写出来。近84%英文单词都遵循英语发音规则,当学生掌握这一套发音规则,就能做到见词能读,听音能写。同时也是背单词最有效的方法,学生也能集中学习大量的单词。

在 The Reading Tree, 老师会从简单的发音游戏开始,学生在老师指导下练习把单词拆开成几个音节,再组合在一起,把含有相同音节的词汇放在一起比较学习,从而帮助学生迅速掌握读音和拼写!